Who Play Mobile Games More

Who Play Mobile Games More – Men or Women?

Men and Women both love to play mobile games? But, have you ever wanted to know who plays mobile games more? Are women keener to play games or men? The very first guess that will flash in your mind is MEN. Am I right?

Who Play Mobile Games More

According to studies done by different mobile apps and games companies and analytics agencies, your guess is wrong. The truth is a bit surprising for everyone because according to studies women play mobile games more than men.

If I take you through the percentage then you will either smile in disguise or pull your hair. Yes, it is going to happen with you because above 53% of women play more mobile games and use mobile apps than men. A few years back this percentage was under 50 but now it is above 53%, and in coming years this ratio will increase with manic speed. Soon, this ratio will be of 60:40.

Why Women Play Mobile Games More than Men?

It has always been believed that mobile games are the best pastime for boys and girls in adolescent age, but the studies have revealed the fact that the age of women who play games more fall in the age of 18 to 44. It means there is no relation to games as the favourite pastime for young adults only. Women of almost all ages are enjoying mobile games as their favourite pastime. Whenever they get time, they either play games on a mobile phone or a mobile app like Facebook, WhatsApp, etc to be with their best pals.

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What type of games women play more?

Facts about the type of games are again interesting. Whereas men love to play fast and furious games like bike racing, car racing, fighting, etc. women love to play social games and puzzle games. Some of the top names in the list include Candy Crush Saga (several versions are included), Puzzle-solving picture games, Zynga’s FarmVille, and Popcap’s Plants. And, the favourite mobile apps of women include Facebook, Skype, and WhatsApp.