what is cloud storage

What is Cloud Storage

What is cloud storage and its Features : 

What is  Cloud Storage

Cloud Storage is a data storage model that stores data in virtual storages access via the internet. The physical storage devices are maintained by a hosting company and often encompass multiple servers in different locations. The host often charges the users a specific amount of money for keeping their services available and secure. However, many companies offer free cloud storage for promotional purposes of their company.

The term “cloud” refers to the fact that such a storage solution is made up of multiple distribute and connected storage devices that make up a cloud. The benefits of cloud storage are detailed below:

#Accessibility :

The most notable advantage of having data stored on cloud-based storage is that it can be accessed from any locations and many devices, as long as the user has access to the internet and the service provider support the client device.

#Flexibility :

Users can lease as much as space as they need, and increase and decrease the amount as and when needed. This allows companies to manage their storage cost-effectively.

#Energy Efficiency :

Cloud storage further reduces the infrastructural cost of an organization by cutting energy consumption by up to 70%.

#Data Protection

Cloud Storage is often used as a backup option for data protection so that any damage to the physical storage devices of a company does not wipe out its Entire Database.

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In this article, I have tried to tell you about Cloud Storage. As we all know about the storage devices (devices also called external/internal storage devices which stores our data) but when someone asks about Cloud Storage we have nothing to tell them.

That is why I have given a very useful and short description of Cloud Storage. I hope this article will help you. For any query comment.