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Best New Video Games 2019

Best New Video Games 2019: Another year is here and we are all ready with the joysticks, Nintendos, a generous supply of Red Bull and Tortilla chips. And from there on, ride our way to gaming glory.
New Video games are an amazing form of entertainment. With the fans of gaming raising the bars for the creators every year, they seem to be liking the challenge. Here is a look at some games that have lived up to the promise and delivered magnificent gaming experiences.

Best New Video Games 2019

Far Cry Primal

This game does not have any modern firearms, or blasting vehicles, tech-grenade-carrying characters, disappointing? Never. You have to get in touch with nature by learning to use primitive weapons. Prehistoric beasts and tribes make it a fun game to play. Ancient landscapes are a delight as you go about calling vivacious animals to take down the enemy.
Available on Xbox One, PS4, and PC.

New Video Games

Street Fighter V

We love throwing a punch at the opponent, and then follow it up with a kick and then another punch if he is still standing or grapple or an elbow if she still doesn’t look like a smashed pumpkin. Before it gets too real, we are talking about Street Fighter V. A game that brought martial arts and freestyle fighting to our screens. It’s back in its latest installment to set the gaming world ablaze. Available on PC, PS4.

Tom Clancy’s The Division

The target’s moving, take him down. Let’s get some eyes in the air! Launching Drones.
The above transcript can set any Video gamer’s pulse racing. To dawn the earphones, the attitude of a marine soldier and take aim. A hugely successful third-person shooter role-playing video game. It is latest in the Tom Clancy enterprise. Available on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. This is one hell of a screen scorcher.

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It takes place in New York, with a world of destruction having engulfed it. This is one game that has carefully taken storytelling married to some cool graphics to a different level.


Just when we were getting enough of playing Tom Clancy and shooting things down, we stumbled across Hitman.
Hitting our gaming thumbs and eyes with its sixth edition this year, this game transforms you to a world of crime, thrill, and style. The swiftness and the movements, the attention to detail about the characters and settings is inspiring. And, why would you not like to be a Hitman and take targets down as you go around with stealth and determination around your missions.
Available on PC, Xbox One, and PS4. Download and start firing those bullets.
These are the top video games that will continue to please gamers around the globe. Most of them unite the multi-players and connect us together. If there is a game you have across which deserved a mention but we missed writing about it, share it as a comment.

So, these are the best new video games in 2019. I hope you like this. Share this blog socially with a fellow gamer or your social networks for some spreading some gaming inspirations.