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New and Exciting Mobile App horizon

New and Exciting Mobile Apps on the horizon: Mobile app horizon devices are an integral part of our life now. What makes these devices important are the mobile applications present on them that have almost started guiding our life. We constantly use Mobile Applications or Mobile Apps as they are popularly known as to accomplish several feats. Such as ordering food, booking cabs, connecting with friends, and so on. Applications make our life easy and interesting at the same time. Some are crucial and help us manage our time better and guide us to live productive lives.
There are two popular platforms that host Mobile Applications. The Apple store which hosts iPhone apps, popularly known as iOS apps. And, the Google Play store that hosts Android apps.
Here is a look at the new and exciting entrants in the App arena. A look at iOS first:

New and Exciting Mobile App horizon

Exciting Apples

Your iPhone just got snazzier and cooler with these applications. First, in line, let’s get some food.
Evernote Food iOS App
Evernote Food: We all are huge fans of Evernote and it has always helped simplify our life by providing note-saving capabilities. Whenever we had to scribble a thought, take a note or just write freely, Evernote came to the rescue. It’s a similar yet more exciting world with Evernote Food. A free app which is ideal for finding restaurants, storing recipes, and taking photos of food you liked gorging on. Popular on iOS, but available on Android too.

app horizon


The word Everest signifies a bigger ambition. Something which you have always been wanting to do. Speak French, build a six-pack, learn how to play the guitar, and so many of them. This application helps you share these goals with a community online. Think of it as asking a group of friends to help you get things done. Has been on iOS for quite some time and has decent fanfare.


Now that we have started inspiring you to go towards a dream, let’s make it more organized. Introducing the Carrot app, a to-do list application. So important in today’s world of distraction and constant stresses. A task done gets you a carrot, a missed deadline upsets it. A fun way to be productive from the house of Apple.

Temple Run 2

Things are getting a bit too serious with all the talk of productivity, time to get some playtime. High on our list of games that are addictive and fun is Temple Run 2. Dungeons, jumps, jewels, monsters, what else you need to disconnect from the realities of the world for a while. A game exciting with its constant upgrades.


iPhone has amazing GPS capabilities. RunKeeper makes excellent use of that. List of jogging and cycling routes, details of pace and calories. Our list of exciting Apps would have been uninteresting without the mention of an application like Runkeeper. Download and start running your way to fitness.

The Droids of Android

Android apps are free (most of them except for some which are offer Pro features) and have an Open Source culture around them. Some of the new and exciting apps that have used the reach of Android to create a better world for us are.

Circle of 6:

An Android app that is about safety. It’s a tough and means world out there and we can sometimes end up in a tough neighbourhood or get stuck up at a place at an odd hour with a dead car battery. Any be the situation, using this app, you can send a quick message to your friends with your GPS location. A must-have for your phone.

Circle 6

HuluPlus: Entertainment comes alive with this app on your Android device. Whether it is catching a TV show or a movie, its high-quality screening on-demand anywhere using HuluPlus.

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Whether you want to see how your Sister’s newborn baby looks while you are travelling for work, or you want to make a business presentation to a remote location prospect. Hangouts from Google is the way to communicate. With good streaming and voice quality. You couldn’t have asked for a better free app from the house of Android.

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So, these are the New and Exciting Mobile App horizon. We hope you like this. If you have any question please comment below.