Easy way to watch youtube private videos

What are youtube private videos?

In this article, I will show you watch youtube private videos. If someone has made their YouTube videos private and you want to see them, then you have to follow some simple procedure for it. Before this, we will take a little information about YouTube private videos.

Youtube is a popular video-sharing platform on which lots of videos uploaded by youtube creators and most of the videos are made public; that is, they appear on search. But many times, YouTube creators made their videos private. The YouTube private videos by default are visible to the person who uploaded them. Other users cannot view these private videos.

Reasons and advantages of making YouTube private videos

There can be many reasons for making YouTube videos private, and it has some benefits. If a YouTube Creator wants that only a few people can see their video and this video does not appear after a search, then they make their videos private.

There may be a personal or professional reason for making youtube videos private, many times the video is also made private for testing purposes, or to collect feedback before making it public.

Many companies or organizations even made their videos private for their existing employees or team for privacy reasons, or in many schools or colleges, the YouTube private videos are made available to their current students.

What are unlisted videos on youtube?

Apart from this, there are also YouTube unlisted videos. That also does not appear in the YouTube search. But when its link is shared, the user can view the videos. And they can also share that link to his friend.

Difference between unlisted youtube videos and private youtube videos

The difference between unlisted videos and private videos is that private videos can only be viewed by people who have been granted permission by YouTube Creator. This permission has been given by adding an email to the list. When the creator grants permission to the user, the user will get an invitation email to watch a private youtube video.

Whenever a public video is uploaded to YouTube, every person associated with that channel gets a notification of it. But when uploading private videos, this notification does not go. The YouTube Creator can later make the private videos public whenever he wants.

How to watch youtube private videos

 If someone has sent you a private YouTube video or you have to send a private YouTube video to someone, for that, I am going to tell you this method so that anyone can watch private videos by the following procedure.

Steps to watch youtube private videos method

1 If you want to watch someone’s YouTube private videos, you have to get permission from that video’s creator. You have to provide your email address and request the creator to watch the private youtube video.

2 After that, the YouTube Creator will invite you to watch the videos. For this, he will add your email id in the list of that private video, so you will get permission to watch, and you will get an invitation email.

3 Now you have to open your email id and check for the invitation email from that creator. This mail has the link to that private video. You have to click on the red color button on three white dots.

youtube private videos invitation

5 After clicking on that red button, you can watch those private videos.

If you do not see private videos, check that you have a login to YouTube with the same email id creator added.


I have explained this procedure in a simple way of how to watch YouTube private videos. Along with that, I have given full information about the private youtube videos and also explained about unlisted videos. If you have any doubts or suggestions, then message in the comment box.

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