How to Save Phone Battery

How to Save Phone Battery 2019

How to Save Phone Battery: All modern Smartphones are now like a microcomputer. Sometimes your Smartphone can provide you more than what your PC can offer. Though, there is a very common complaint about the Smartphone devices are its low battery life. And why not, many phones can’t make it through the day without needing multiple charging. Modern Android Smartphones are more than just a phone for talking and It offers many more features. That’s why its battery drains faster.

For this reason, there are few ways, how you can increase the battery life of your Smartphone.

How to Save Phone Battery
How to Save Phone Battery

How to Save Phone Battery 2019

1. Decrease the Brightness

Your Smartphones screen brightness is the biggest battery killer. So, as much as you decrease your screen brightness, as slow as your battery drains its charge. You can easily change the screen brightness from your Smartphone’s Display Settings.

2. Turn off All the Radio Signals

All the radio signals like GPRS or Edge, Wifi, Bluetooth and GPS drains battery quicker. Keep those inactive, when you don’t need them. When they are active, they always try to find the nearest available connections. So, these services reduce battery life, even if you are not using them.

3. Turn off Push Notification

Your Smartphone’s Push Notification Service informs you when you get any new email and messages from Google+, Facebook and Twitter. If you keep it active, it connects with the server in regular interval to get new information. It uses battery power for this activity. So, it is better to turn it off, if you don’t need it.

4. Wifi is better

Wifi uses less battery power than GPRS and EDGE. So, it is better to use wifi rather than those mobile networks, when you are using the internet on your Smartphone.

5. Keep Your Screen Locked

It is better to keep your phone locked. You can receive calls and sms, even if you lock your phone. But, if you don’t lock your phone, some feature runs automatically and it also keeps your display screen on, which reduce your battery life.

6. Remove Unnecessary Apps

Many apps run automatically in the background. You may not notice that they’re running. And they use your battery power to run. So, it is better to keep only Apps which you use regularly. It will reduce the chances of Apps constantly draining your battery’s charge.

7. Avoid Multi-Tasking

One of the great features of the modern Smartphone is Multi-Tasking. Though, it kills your battery faster. So, if you are far away from your Smartphone’s connecting port, try to avoid multitasking.

8. Shut Down Apps Properly

If you don’t shut down your Apps properly, then it will just minimize and run on the Background and uses battery power.

9. Avoid too hot and too cold temperature

If you use your device in a very hot environment, your battery is going to die very quickly. Moreover, too cold weather is also bad for your battery. Try to keep your battery in between 0 to 35 degree Celsius temperature.

10. Don’t Use Fancy Features

Two of the coolest features of your Android Device are the Live Wallpapers and screen animations widgets. Without the need don’t use these types of features on your Smartphone Because these can quickly drain your Smartphone device’s battery life.

So, this is a method How to Save Phone Battery 2019. I hope you will understand. If you have any question please comment below.