How to find micro niche blog ideas 2020

It’s hard to find the best micro niche blog ideas for the Website because a new blogger doesn’t know how the process works and you can’t blindly select any ideas for your blog.

There are many established websites with high authority (DA) in every niche. They cover broad niche topics with high authority for a long time and with lots of quality content. so compete theme is almost difficult.

It will take a lots of time and effort to make content to beat competitor site.Even you provide high-quality content than the competitor, it’s hard to rank because of their high authority.

That’s why we create a micro-niche blog or website, which is easy to rank and generate good revenue within a few days. But before the start, we must know basic concepts like what is market, niche, and micro-niche.

The Market is a broad subject or broad category like Health, Finance, Entertainment. In each Market, there are many niches like weight loss, supplements that are niches under the Health market, and again when we narrow down a niche, we will find many sub-niches and micro-niches. Like the keto diet, weight gain supplements, and so on.

First, you have to decide on which Market and the niche you want to explore. The important point is you must have good knowledge about that niche. If you have enough knowledge of that subject, then you can write the content on it.

The ‘content is king’ and google also prefers valuable content on its search. Suppose you choose ‘Green Tea’ as your topic then you should know information related to green tea.

Yes, you can study that subject, watch videos and articles about it. This option is also available for some people if you can grasp as much as content within a short period to write enough amount of quality content.

Its step by step procedure to find micro niche ideas and you should go through this process with a relaxed mind. If you spend a few minutes on it, you will get the best micro-niche ideas. It’s always better to research hard before selecting the topic.

Pros and cons of Micro Niche

1. Best for new website and beginners.1. Low Traffic to website
2. Micro niche blog is easy to rank2. Limited Scope of writing.
3. Less Content required.3. Need to update content regularly.
4. Easy to monetize for affiliate products.
5. High Conversion rate.

So, let’s start with how to find micro niches idea and select the most profitable ideas amongst them. If You follow this step by step method, you will get the best micro niche ideas.

In this step by step method, we will use some free and paid tool (trail available).

Step No 1: select a topic or micro-niche which you know better

Suppose you have good knowledge about the Photography niche, then choose some good topics under this niche. Under the Photography niche, there are many topics like wildlife Photography, Commercial Photography, and so on.

So, you have lots of topics under your niche. Note down each one them in the excel sheet and arrange them in the order of knowledge you have.

Suppose at number one position you know more about wildlife Photography, then start the process with this topic.

Step No 2: Find the Micro Niche ideas related to the topic.

There are many ideas related to wildlife photography to dive in, and I will show you how to extract the best ideas from it. You need a data point for each idea. This data is the main essence of our research and will add data points in the excel sheet.

In this step, we collect ideas using free tools and paid tools.

Now suppose you selected wildlife Photography as a topic, then in this step, I will show you how to collect ideas using different methods and tools. We will gather as many ideas as possible and note down in the excel sheet for further processing.

There are some free methods and some paid tools available to find the best ideas. Each of them has its advantages and disadvantages.

Some method requires manual work and some methods give you autosuggest ideas. But I suggest you to try each of them to improve result data.

The first method is by using google search. 

You already know about google search for a long time, but I will show how to find out micro niche ideas using this free method. To do this open in your browser type your keyword wildlife photography in the google search textbox and hit enter.

Now Google will show you suggestion like that.

micro niche ideas using google

Note down the best keyword ideas from suggestions like course, camera, contents like that, but don’t stop here, try with another combination like spacebar + a. now the result is as below.

micro niche ideas google suggestions

Here we found new ideas. Awards, Accessories, App, and so on. Now Continue this process it up to Z and you will get many best ideas from google suggestions.

Google always shows suggestions based on the most searched keyword. So now you have the best ideas that already have search demand.note down the ideas in the excel sheet.

Another method to find ideas is ‘answerthepublic.’

This is a website which provides you ideas using different perspective like a preposition, comparisons, related, alphabetical. To get ideas from answerthepublic Go to enter your keyword and result will show as below.

micro niche ideas using answerthepublic

The best thing about this method is its shows ideas in visualization format. Data mode also available if you find difficulty in visualization mode. In the above image, ideas are generated using a question point of view.

Using What, when, where, how like keywords this tool generates ideas automatically and group by it and shows in a visual note the best ideas as you can.

If you scroll down, you find new ideas based on Prepositions perspective like is, near, for, to.  new ideas are generated as

micro niche ideas answerthepublic result

If you scroll down, ideas are generated using comparisons, related, alphabetical perspective. Note down which the best ideas from it.

The above two methods are free and easy .in the second method answerthepublic you will get the best ideas within a short time with a group by perspective.

Now we move to our third method, which is effective than the above two methods. We will use a tool called SEMrush here to generate ideas. This tool not only to generate ideas it also shows keyword volume and other required data points like Keyword difficulty, traffic, cost per click, and so on. 

Our next step is to find the search volume. SEMrush is used for both generated ideas and keyword volume so I will mention this tool in the next step.

Step No 3: Find Search Volume of each idea.

To find search volume here, we use SEMrush. Its a paid tool but you can use this tool on trial offer. This tool very essential for all bloggers. Sign up for this tool and take advantage of many features requires to analyze the data in SEO point of view.

Enter the topic keyword in semrush keyword analysis section, and hit will show all the information related to the topic keyword like volume, keyword difficulty, cost per click, and other data points.

micro niche keyword research tool semrush

Now you can see keyword related data here. It has 32.7k global search volume per month and 6.6 search volume from the US. CPC (cost per click) is 1.33$.

Look at volume first; it has 32.7k search volume per month from all over the globe. It means our keyword has lots of potential in terms of volume.

If you scroll down, then you will see three sections as Keyword variations, Questions, and related Keywords section. This section is useful to find out the keyword ideas.

micro niches semrush research

Now start from section one Keyword Variations and click on view all keyword. You will get lots of (5795) keywords ideas for our micro-niche with search volume, difficulty, CPC data points. And on the left section keyword ideas related keyword are group by number and volume.

micro niche ideas using semrush

Step No 4: Finalize your keyword ideas

From the above result, you can understand the tool is very useful to find ideas. On the left side, it shows all keyword by volume; for example, the camera word has 5610 volume. It means the camera keyword has 5610 searches per month with a combination of our topic keyword Wildlife Photography. You can export all the data in the excel sheet by clicking the Export button at the top right of the screen.

To find low competitive keyword ideas, you can apply the filters on keyword difficulty and volume. Low, competitive keywords are always best for a new website.

Now you have more than enough ideas for your micro-niche website. With little research, you can select the best ideas for your micro niche website. You should start with 15-25 ideas with enough volume, so you can write at least 20 articles with quality content.

What next after you get your micro-niche ideas? Get the domain name and hosting plan, right? But don’t miss the point I will explain to you below when you will buy a domain and hosting.

First of all, choose the domain name according to your micro-niche. Try to put the micro-niche keyword and ideas in the domain and make it shorter as possible. A short domain name will easy to type and memorize.

Suppose you choose the gadget related keyword ideas like cameras, lens, tripod for the micro-niche then you can choose a domain name as WildlifePhotographyGadgets dot com. This is just an example domain name idea I suggested. You can choose the best one as per your micro-niche. Check for the domain availability if not available then try with different words.

And the next part is to choose hosting. Check for best-hosting providers and the features they provided like loading speed, monthly visitor capacity. It will make a huge impact on the website, so go with the best hosting provider.

I will suggest A2hosting, where you can choose best hosting plans with a free domain. 

After purchasing a domain and hosting, start to write the best quality article with proper SEO. so you will be profitable very soon. You can monetize your website with Google AdSense or affiliate products related to your niche.

I hope you get this information helpful, and I provide some best niche topics where you can dive into and find good micro-niche ideas to start blogging.

The topic for micro-niches

  1. Online courses
  2. Gaming related
  3. hair loss
  4. DIY methods
  5. Pet food
  6. newborn baby
  7. self-improvement
  8. Home Automation
  9. Mountain Climbing
  10. 3d Printing

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