google adsense approval

How to get Google Adsense Approval easily?

I hear many people say that, do not apply in Google Adsense after six months later, here I told you it’s like humour and wrong interpretation about Google Adsense. In most cases, the applicant is applying in Google Adsense without fulfilling their all terms and condition. Adsense is not a golden deer; if you apply for Google Adsense Approval to fulfil all terms & condition then your submission approved within four or five days later. Let us Know, which then are kept in mind before applying in Google Adsense

Google Adsense Approval

How to get Google Adsense Approval easily

The terms and condition must be met before the apply in Adsense

  1. Type of Contents
  • Notice that you will be always kept in mind, what kind of content you published on your site?
  • Your contents must be put in your site without copy/paste from another site because of Google do not like copy/past site for their Adsense advertisements.
  • Write your contents for user/visitors and friendly search engine
  • Do not use copyrighted image or articles
  • Do not write an article about Pornography, computer hacking, gambling of illegal activities because Google does not like these types of articles
  • Write your article with normal written  rules 

In addition some of the more important subjects

  • What is the minimum number of posts required for application in Adsense, no answer to this particular question?
  • But from experience, I suggest, It must be minimum 20-25 original contents with Minimum of 600 word limit for every single article
  • When you write your article you must put high CPC & high competitive related keyword in your post
  • Before applying for Adsense, you must be sure that your website/blog all post indices by search engine properly
  • Share your post with social  media & bookmaking site regularly, the site traffic increased day by day
  • Do not use the additional keyword in your post
  1. Site design and navigation
    • Site design and navigation is more important for applying in Adsense
    • Your site design keeps your skills, so do not use lucid colours and additional colourful background colours in your site, because of this type of 90% site does not get any Google  Adsense    
    • Easy navigation of the site is also the site’s pages, and link-level structure must be standard

3.Create some important pages

  • Privacy policy page: this is the common mistake done by all to create a Privacy policy page. Google all time give impotency about this page. Privacy policy means, what should and what should not be done by the reader to your site and how they used your site? Visit other website to gather some idea, who they written their Privacy policy
  • About Us: about us, the page is more important for getting a Google Adsense, this page descript about you and your site, who looks after the site, what types of information is here etc.
  • Contact page: Contact page gives a good opportunity for building up a relationship with you and your site visitors/readers, Google-like that very much
  1. About other ADS network publication
    • Do not use Adsense and Clicksor both together in your site and yahoo ads matter is same
    • Before applying in Google Adsense, you must remove your other ads link from your site
    • Should be careful about Other ads like Adbrite, Bidvertiser, affiliate marketing link used in your site
    • I suggest that, before applying in Adsense, you lift your all other ads link from your site, free from risk
  • Top-level Domain
    • The days are gone, apply for Google Adsense by
    • It was time; you got the Adsense code by using sub-Domain but now change your mind about receiving Adsense code early as possible.
    • In your blog/site, please use top-level domain namely COM, NET, ORG
    • The top-level domain is mandatory for a good response from visitors

If you follow the above discussion and implements on your site /blog, I strongly mention that, you received your expected Adsense pub-id from the Google Corporation early as possible.