Top 5 Best Tech Stocks

Investing in tech stocks always gives one a high. We have all seen the riches it can bring in various movies and sitcoms.

Tech Stocks

In the various domains that Stockbroking enthusiasts invest in, there are Tech Stocks. Here is a look at some tech stocks that hold strong Financial Quarter after Quarter.

Tech Stocks

1. Cisco Systems

Cisco’s doggedness towards driving a balanced study of growth through a blend of organic investments, consistent acquisitions, and profit-driven partnership resonates well with long-term investors. A good tech stock to invest in and watch out for.

2. Amphenol

With a Market Cap of $14 billion, this leading force in the Information Technology/Electronic Equipment, Instruments & Components industry has a risk-adjusted total return prospect over a 12-month investment horizon.

The company exhibits strength in various areas such as revenue growth, growth in earnings per share, increase in net income, notable return on equity and consistent cash flow from operations.

3. Accenture

This humongous of an organization with one of the largest workforces in the world and a market cap of $64.7 billion. It’s a big tech stock that has been celebrated the time and again in the stock market. Banking majorly on state of art Technology services, they are the backbone of the technology market.

With revenues higher than industry averages, and consistent revenue growth, a revered and widely known tech-stock.

4. Cognizant Technology

Several positive factors work in Cognizant’ favor for it to be hosted here. There is a robust revenue growth quarter by quarter, largely solid financial position with reasonable debt levels, growth in earnings per share and good cash flow from operations. A good bet to win big.

5. HP

We have seen printers and HP Desktops from the days Personal computing was a new phenomenon to now. The $18.9 billion dollar valuation client has exceeded market expectations when it comes to Information Technology/Technology Hardware, Storage & Peripherals.

With risk-adjusted total return prospects and the company’s strengths in multiple areas, they outweigh the doubts placed on them by the market. Thought the company’s return on equity sometimes changes, the largely stable financial position changes things. A tech stock to definitely watch out for in the quarters to come.
There are of course a lot of Web-driven companies that have gone public and are attractive tech stocks. Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter are some of the safe bets in the Tech stock ecosystem.

These are some good technology stocks we studied and found worth a mention. We encourage you to access your investment agendas and study the market before you go investing or suggesting stock purchases.

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