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Best Software 2019 – Mac and PC

Best Software 2019: Good and bug-free software helps you carry your day to day computing tasks better and efficiently. 2016 has seen some exciting new developments in this space for both Macintosh (Mac) and Personal Computer (PC) users.

Let us have a look at the new Software on the horizon that are useful and eye to help make the computing world better.

Best Software 2019 – Mac and PC

Microsoft Office 2016 (For Mac)

After a long wait of 5 years, it is here on Mac. Revered as the most productive application for office work, the new Microsoft Office works smoothly into OS X than ever. There is cloud support for easier backup and a stable free version to try before going for a purchase.

best software 2019

Bit Defender Total Security 2016

Our list would be incomplete if we are not protective and inform about this brilliant antivirus on the horizon. This Software integrates every security feature and still manages to give you the freedom to work freely without bothering notifications and updates. Full marks for not being obtrusive like the many antivirus and firewalls constantly craving for attention. Excellent against antimalware, antispam, and antiphishing tests.

IDrive Online Backup services

There are constant upgrades and spam attacks and negligent practices that often lead to data loss. There are a lot of Online Backup services that help us take a backup of data. IDrive came up forward in the war of Online Backup and maintains a lead in the same space this year as well.

IDrive is a versatile and fully-featured service. Easier to set up, you can sync unlimited devices in one account. With a Continuous backup option, there is no chance of data loss.

Fantastical 2 – Calendar and Reminders

You missed that important meeting again! Or calling that Sales lead who said they would want to talk next month.

Fantastical 2 solves that problem for Mac users. You can create new events, toggle calendar options, set up reminders and synchronize over multiple shared calendars. Download and try this new offering in the world of Apple. With a full time, zone support including floating time zones, managing calendars while travel is a breeze.

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You take photos. Well, we all do. And we take tones of them these days. Earlier people would just click from their phones, camera, and other devices and hit upload. Now, there are social networks and our photos are judged (Red-eye effect looks so old to have in your photos). So, Apple enthusiasts came up with a full-featured and powerful image editing app, it is called Pixelmator.

Pixelmator lets you enhance and touch up photos, sketch, draw, and paint, add text and shapes and a plethora of other tasks. A must for you Mac.

Although we have listed a few software above, we are happy to let the geek in you cut loose and find out more such software.

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