best desktop computer under 400

Best Desktop Computer Under 400$ 2020 [Latest Buyer’s Guide]

Now having a computer in your office. House and the study room is the best idea. The computer makes a person living more comfortable and fast. Why you have to go to any internet cafe when you have the best and quickest devices like the best desktop computer under 400 in your home.

People in the past have no devices like this one. So that they were going to that place which has a computer. Alternatively, in the early times, no one has the concept of this electrical device. They did not know something would become that makes a man modern and updates.

Now the trend is total changes. Every person, even the kids, has this best device on the rooms and the home to play the games. Watch movies, hear songs and get some entertainment as well. So why you should no need to get the best desktop computer.

When you have the best computer in your nearer place, you will be surely able to get some more changes. An executive will get some nest in the business. He will able to save, transfer the files and see the documents on this computer to get some more knowledge.

On the other hand, that best desktop computer will surely give your children to get some more information with the internet connection he will use this for the study purpose for informational purpose and make the assignment and files within the time.

The best computer is that it makes your child happy enough. Your baby will get some more fun and entertainment by watching cartoons, movies, songs, and dramas. All that has the latest collection of the show that will quickly get from that place.

Things to Remember While Purchasing Desktop Computers

No doubt, you can get the best desktop computer from any place under your ranges. Here are some things and the tips that you should remember and keep in mind before getting the computer.

Your Budget

The foremost thing is the amount that you have to buy a computer. You should no need to spend too much on these devices try to get the desktop computer.

Computer Memory

The memory of the computer maters allots. When you want to get the computer for educational purse, for business purpose and he entertainment purpose you must try to save the hug data in this device for a long time. So make sure that the best desktop computer has high RAM. and HDD

Computer Software’s

In the computer, many software is already present.  The most important is the anti-virus software that makes your computer safe and longer. That software will never give any harmful effects to your computer memory and hard drive.

Internet Options

As this time, the internet makes a place in every person’s heart. Make sure that the best desktop computer will able to connect the internet for a long time. That internet will never stop and cause no problem as well. So that your working will be best.

Heat Resistance

Some computer after running for a long time will start to give the hearting effects that make work more challenging to proceed. So make sure that the computer which you chose would never be potent to provide you with the heating effects and remain cool all the time.

Low in Weight

 The desktop computer will be small in weight. That you can surely replace from one place to another. Sometimes the desktop computer will impotent to moves get that will be easy to carry at all.

Sr. NoProduct Name 
1Acer Aspire Desktop Check Price
2Dell Inspiron Small Desktop PC Check Price
3Desktop Computer Package Compatible with HP Elite Check Price
4HP 270 Inch Full HD Display Slim Desktop Check Price
5Mini PC Fanless Intel Atom Check Price
6Lenovo Desktop PC, 12GB RAM Check Price
7HP Pavilion Desktop Computer Check Price
8HP Slim 270 High-Performance Desktop Check Price
9HP 20-inch All-in-One Computer Check Price
10Acer Aspire Desktop, Intel Core i3 Check Price

Details of Best desktop computer under 400

#1. Acer Aspire Desktop, 8th Gen Intel Core i3 (Best for Office Use)

Acer Aspire Desktop, 8th Gen Intel Core i3

Acer Aspire TC-885-ACCFLi3O Core i3-8100, 8GB DDR4 + 16GB Optane Memory, 1TB HDD, 8X DVD, 802.11ac is known as the best Cpu in the quality and work that you can surely get under the range of 400. This desktop computer has many vital features and cooperative programs that can be easy to understand and proceed. On the other hand, this Pc is well known to set ion the home and the office work to get some fast working.


  • 8th generation that shows a wide variety of connections.
  • Has 8 GB Ram but also attach the external 16 GB.
  • Offer a traditional drive and work as the SSD.
  • Its front panel offers a single USB holder.
  • Sleek and best designing.
  • Available with many more functions.
  • Easy to handle and run.
  • Offers external drive that works as the storage house.
  • Not easy to move from one place to another.
  • Need some more space to build a complete setup.

#2. Dell Inspiron Small Desktop PC (Best for Office Use)

Dell Inspiron Small Desktop PC

At that time, many desktop computers are present that work with high efficiency and without giving any problem. Here is the Dell inspiration Desktop PC that has Intel Pentium Processor, 4GB RAM, 1TB HD, DVD R/W, WiFi+Bluetooth, HDMI. This computer offers extensive storage with safe and fast designs that will give a unique look to your home and the office.


  • Offers 2 in 1 feature that you get in a sleek design.
  • I3 processor it a high capacity hard drive.
  • It provides many spaces with  1 TB hard drive.
  • Stay connective the WIFI and Bluetooth.
  • offer more power and he staying time.
  • Easy to work and bulk of file without getting any fatigue.
  • No need to get the mechanic to upgrade the parts of this.
  • Sometimes cause noise and discomfort voices.
  • Its ram is not enough to save hard and cumbersome files.

#3. Desktop Computer Package Compatible with HP Elite 8100, Intel Core i5 (Multi-Purpose)

Desktop Computer Package Compatible with HP Elite 8100, Intel Core i5 (Multi-Purpose)

At this time, it is challenging to find out the best desktop computer under 400. People need and want a computer.  This computer comes with many more key specifications. This is known as the best quality PC that works for the office and home as well.  This laptop will be the best one in the competition and the features from any other HP laptops that have Intel Core i5 3.2-GHz, New Periphio Bluetooth and WiFi Adapter.


  • 8 GB Ram and 500 GB HDD.
  • 119 inch LCD with fast keyboard and mouse.
  • Offer Wi-Fi adaptors and the Bluetooth specifications.
  • Has vast space and best function to store the memory.
  • Cost-effective that can be easily affordable.
  • Has many necessary accessories like a keyboard and mouse.
  • Fullscreen that can be attached complete view.
  • Sometimes not easy to repair.
  • Due to all product needs some more space.

#4. HP 270 21.5-Inch Full HD Display Slim Desktop PC

HP 270 21.5-Inch Full HD Display Slim Desktop PC
best desktop under 400

No doubt, many computers are present in the range of 400, but this one is available with full screen and HD look. This has 4 GB Ram with a memory upgrade system. One of the most important things that it offers the high, quality fans and desktop that can never be heated the computer.


  • Dual-core processor 2.9 GHz
  • 4 GB Ram and 1 TB HDD.
  • Window 10 hat is the user free window.
  • USB, WIFI and Bluetooth holder.
  • Offer much card reader holder at the time.
  • Has Full-screen HD Views
  • Best and integrated drive
  • Multiple ports that allow a proper connection
  • Has not great space
  • Sometimes hang and stop due to heat.

#5. Mini PC Fanless Intel Atom Quad Core CPU

HP 270 21.5-Inch Full HD Display Slim Desktop PC

Are you in search of the best desktop computer under 400? Here is the one best picnic of the desktop computer that you surely chose for your work and any other activity. On the other hand, this is not just a simple one. It comes under many specifications and features as well.


  • 4 GB Ram and 64 GB Rom
  • Mounting br4acket can easily fit on the back
  • Reliable i9nstalled window 10
  • 8+ 12 GB Intel Core
  • 100% guaranteed at cheap rates.
  • Everything is all in one place.
  • Has much space to save the files for a long time.
  • Light in weight an easily replaces at any place.
  • Cause hassle when it comes to repairing
  • Fanless than cause heating effects for the lengthy processing.

#6. Lenovo Desktop PC, 12GB RAM (Good for Office Use)

Lenovo Desktop PC, 12GB RAM

No doubt, Lenovo is the best brand that offers many best quality products every year, on the other hand, this is the best desktop computer under 400. This includes many more features and the memory to save your files and easy to run. Many computers cause heating and not able to work for them for a long time. This Lenovo computer is the best that can be run for many years.


  • 12 processor to get the full speed.
  • 16 G with additional memory space.
  • VGA card reader Wi-Fi and Bluetooth at a time.
  • 1 Tb HDD and high performing Ram.
  • Offer many functions under reasonable price
  • Can beget and afford easily.
  • Cool and stylish for everyday use
  • Work for the home and office as well.
  • Due to the sensitive manufacturing can be broken easily
  • Need some more space.

#7. HP Pavilion Desktop Computer, Hard Drive (Ash Silver)

HP Pavilion Desktop Computer, Hard Drive (Ash Silver)

This computer design best on in the look that cannot be similar to anyone. Work with high efficiency that can be perfect on from all specifications. If its speaker is the best one in the quality its speed in another best factor that cannot be present in any other desktop computer.


  • 7 generation with a dual-core processor.
  • 4 Gb ram and 1 Tb hard drive.
  • Hp black weird
  • 3 in 1 multimedia card reader.
  • Excellent design made with the elegant look.
  • A soft-touch keyboard that can easily to finger out
  • Offers multifunction that can be placed for any work.
  • Best display with ample specifications
  • Sometimes the battery will be heated.
  • The weird keyboard will not work.

#8. HP Slim 270 High-Performance Desktop Tower (Best for Gaming)

HP Slim 270 High-Performance Desktop Tower

Why you do not get this slim desktop computer when you need that kind of device to overcome al problems. Yes, this computer will be surely able to solve out all your issues within the time. Because it works with high quality and the best speed that can not hang and stop at all.


  • 4 GB ram, in ash silver colour.
  • 2 GHz Intel Celeron Processor.
  • Full HD screen.
  • Killer Wi-Fi and mouse availability.
  • High performance with the best appearance.
  • Durable in working and the quality.
  • Can be affordable by every person.
  • Great for typing g and save the data.
  • Sometimes cause irregular noise.
  • Cause memory disturbance at many points.

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#9. HP 20-inch All-in-One Computer (20-c410, White)

HP 20-inch All-in-One Computer (20-c410, White)

The best performing desktop computer that will be high in working and the quality is here. This offers extensive screen views with many key features that may not be provided from any best desktop computer under 400. This offers many specifications at the time that you should mist know before getting this.


  • 270 high-performance specifications.
  • 4 Gb ram and 720 RPM hard drive.
  • DVD, Wi-Fi, moues and Bluetooth availability
  • Best laptop of this generation.
  • Work with high efficiency and the durability with ample memory space.
  • Audio and voice is amazing from all aspects.
  • Cause battery life issues occurrence.
  • Need some high space for the full setup.

#10. Acer Aspire Desktop, 7th Gen Intel Core i3 (Multi-purpose)

Acer Aspire Desktop, 7th Gen Intel Core i3 (Multi-purpose)

In this era, many other generations are present to get the best desktop computer. That desktop computer will easily manageable to do some fast work. Wither it is the leading one to play the game on a large setup. At the same time, it will offer many other files saving opportunities that cannot be available at the laptop and any other tablet. This is the reason acre is considered as the best one regarding the 7th generation computer.


  • Seven the generation with core i-3.
  • Eight GB ram and 1 Tb HDD.
  • Available with full HD view
  • Speaker and the headphone quality is the best one.
  • Enough space to get high performance in saving and sharing the data.
  • Screen resolution makes it perfect.
  • Can be afforded by every person.
  • This HD availability is slow during the working hours.
  • Cannot be move from one place to another one.

Final Thoughts

No need to go at any place when you are in search of Best Desktop Computer under 400. No doubt, many places are available for that purpose. However, you should select an authentic location like ours. 100% guaranteed services and the bets computer with some additional features will be select from above mention top-rated computers at reasonable prices. If you have any question please comment below. Feel free happy to help you.