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Top Five Free Adventure Mobile Games 2019

Top Five Free Adventure Mobile Games: Talking amazing adventure mobile games always get me excited; and even more excited is the fact that there are loads of free games for you in 2019 then you can ever imagine, this is because more games are finding their ways into mobile devices than ever and lots of beta version to keep you busy.

Let me quickly introduce a few games for your playing delight. I know you won’t ever have a dull moment with these games, enjoy:

Top Five Free Adventure Mobile Games

1. Angry Birds

Angry Birds is an extraordinary iOS and Android game with a huge download. The Android version goes free, but not with the apple version. It is a game you will forever enjoy; it has over 3 million five star rating out of over four million downloads. If you feel like having your time filled with something great, angry birds will not make you angry.

Go here to download a copy for free if you are on android

2. Flappy Golf

A part of the flappy family game you will like for real. If you have played flappy bird and then try flappy golf, you will agree with me there is a clear difference between this game and all other games from the flappy developer. The game is funny to be candid, but it’s as well fast and challenging. You may not like the intrusive adverts, but don’t worry it won’t spoil the fun. You can download here free on Android.

Adventure Mobile Games
Adventure Mobile Games

3. Cally’s Caves 3

If you want to play this game, better be prepared for some rescue operations because kidnappers are always on the lookout for Cally’s parents to take hostage. You will enjoy the speed, the leaping, shooting and stabbing of bad guys. You will notice some differences in the iOS and Android version. The game gives you lots to learn; the more you know about playing the game, the more you will come to like it. Download it here free if you are on Android.

4. Rayman Adventures:

If you need something more challenging, not a walkover game, I recommend this. There are many levels to cross, and you need to know what precisely you have to do to survive. If you love adventure, go for it. You won’t find it boring; except for several defeats you would suffer until you get your timing right. It’s free to play Game on Android, and you can get it here.

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5. Dark Sword:

I love this game. It’s a trapped dungeon, which without the skill to navigate the terrible dungeon, you risk not coming out alive and that means you will not be able to complete your game on several occasion. The interesting thing is there are traps in places you will never have imagined. So, open your eyes wide open to avoid traps. The game has an Android version and comes free, although the promoter of the game needs your help to maintain the site. Go here to get the game.


Mobile games apps are growing in momentum and relevance, keeping you engaged in your free time. As the year 2016 moves gradually to the end, we expect more releases of the free version to the gaming public.