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Best New Video Games 2016

Another year is here and we are all ready with the joysticks, Nintendos, a generous supply of Red Bull and Tortilla chips. And from there on, ride our way to gaming glory.
Video games are an amazing form of entertainment. With the fans of gaming raising the bars for the creators every year, they seem to be liking the challenge. Here is a look at some games that have lived up to the promise and delivered magnificent gaming experiences.

Far Cry Primal

This game does not have any modern firearms, or blasting vehicles, tech-grenade-carrying characters, disappointing? Never. You have to get in touch with nature by learning to use primitive weapons. Prehistoric beasts and tribes make it a fun game to play. Ancient landscapes are a delight as you go about calling vivacious animals to take down the enemy.
Available on Xbox One, PS4, and PC.

Street Fighter V
We love throwing a punch at the opponent, and then follow it up with a kick and then another punch if he is still standing or grapple or an elbow if she still doesn’t look like a smashed pumpkin. Before it gets too real, we are talking about Street Fighter V. A game that brought martial arts and free style fighting to our screens. It’s back in its latest installment to set the gaming world ablaze. Available on PC, PS4.

Tom Clancy’s The Division
The target’s moving, take him down. Let’s get some eyes in the air! Launching Drones.
The above transcript can set any Video gamer’s pulse racing. To dawn the earphones, the attitude of a marine soldier and take aim. A hugely successful third-person shooter role-playing video game. It is latest in the Tom Clancy enterprise. Available on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. This is one hell of a screen scorcher.

It takes place in New York, with a world of destruction having engulfed it. This is one game that has carefully taken storytelling married to some cool graphics to a different level.

Just when we were getting enough of playing Tom Clancy and shooting things down, we stumbled across Hitman.
Hitting our gaming thumbs and eyes with its sixth edition this year, this game transforms you to a world of crime, thrill, and style. The swiftness and the movements, the attention to detail about the characters and settings is inspiring. And, why would you not like to be a Hitman and take targets down as you go around with stealth and determination around your missions.
Available on PC, Xbox One, and PS4. Download and start firing those bullets.
These are the top video games that will continue to please gamers around the globe. Most of them unite the multiplayers and connect us together. If there is a game you have across which deserved a mention but we missed writing about it, share it as a comment.
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New and Exciting Mobile Apps on the horizon

Mobile devices are an integral part of our life now. What makes these devices important are the mobile applications present on them that have almost started guiding our life. We constantly use Mobile Applications or Mobile Apps as they are popularly known as to accomplish several feats. Such as ordering food, booking cabs, connecting with friends, and so on. Applications make our life easy and interesting at the same time. Some are crucial and help us manage our time better and guide us to live productive lives.
There are two popular platforms that host Mobile Applications. The Apple store which host iPhone apps, popularly known as iOS apps. And, the Google Play store that hosts Android apps.
Here is a look at the new and exciting entrants in the App arena. A look at iOS first:

Exciting Apples
Your iPhone just got snazzier and cooler with these applications. First in line, let’s get some food.
Evernote Food iOS App
Evernote food: We all are huge fans of Evernote and it has always helped simplify our life by providing note-saving capabilities. Whenever we had to scribble a thought, take a note or just write freely, Evernote came to the rescue. It’s a similar yet more exciting world with Evernote Food. A free app which is ideal for finding restaurants, storing recipes, and taking photos of food you liked gorging on. Popular on iOS, but available on Android too.

Everest: The word Everest signifies a bigger ambition. Something which you have always been wanting to do. Speak French, build a six-pack, learn how to play the guitar, and so many of them. This application helps you share these goals with a community online. Think of it as asking a group of friends to help you get things done. Has been on iOS for quite some time and has decent fanfare.

Carrot: Now that we have started inspiring you to go towards a dream, let’s make it more organized. Introducing the Carrot app, a to-do list application. So important in today’s world of distraction and constant stresses. A task done gets you a carrot, a missed deadline upsets it. A fun way to be productive from the house of Apple.

Temple Run 2: Things are getting a bit too serious with all the talk of productivity, time to get some playtime. High on our list of games that are addictive and fun is Temple Run 2. Dungeons, jumps, jewels, monsters, what else you need to disconnect from the realities of the world for a while. A game exciting with its constant upgrades.

Runkeeper: iPhone has amazing GPS capabilities. RunKeeper makes excellent use of that. List of jogging and cycling routes, details of pace and calories. Our list of exciting Apps would have been uninteresting without the mention of an application like Runkeeper. Download and start running your way to fitness.

The Droids of Android
Android apps are free (most of them except for some which are offer Pro features) and have an Open Source culture around them. Some of the new and exciting apps that have used the reach of Android to create a better world for us are.

Circle of 6: An Android app that is about safety. It’s a tough and mean world out there and we can sometimes end up in a tough neighborhood or get stuck up at a place at an odd hour with a dead car battery. Any be the situation, using this app, you can send a quick message to your friends with your GPS location. A must-have for your phone.

Circle 6

HuluPlus: Entertainment comes alive with this app on your Android device. Whether it is catching a TV show or a movie, its high-quality screening on-demand anywhere using HuluPlus.

Hangouts: Whether you want to see how your Sister’s new born baby looks while you are travelling for work, or you want to make a business presentation to a remote location prospect. Hangouts from Google is the way to communicate. With good streaming and voice quality. You couldn’t have asked for a better free app from the house of Android.

As we research and try more exciting stuff, we will keep bringing you exciting news from the world of technology. Watch out this Website for more.

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New and upcoming tablets in 2016

These are all the new upcoming tablets for 2016 so far, sorted by each new tablets confirmed or expected future release date this year. This tablet list displays both confirmed and rumored upcoming tablets, though we are keeping speculations about new tablet plans at a minimum with this tablet computer calendar.

Tablets have come a long way, baby, and the flood of portable devices isn’t slowing down anytime soon.

Below are 10 new and coming soon tablets that will compete for your money and attention in 2016.

Coming soon…
The table below contains tablets rumored to be released anytime soon. These tablets would add to the list of tablets competing in the market in 2016 and beyond. Already rumor is rife and we expect the manufacturers to unveil the products soon.

Date of release Make Model Screen size OS
March Apple iPad Air 3 / 4K 9.7 iOS 9.3
2016 Blackberry Tablet/Slider 8.5 n/a
2016 Fujitsu Haptic tablets n/a n/a
2016 Nokia 2016 Tablet 10-12 n/a
2016 Samsung 2x Foldable Tablet 9 & 5 n/a
March 15 Asus PadFone S2 10.1 + 5.5 Android 6.0
March HTC IV5001-A 7 Android 5.0
Q1 2016 Microsoft Surface 4 10.8 Windows 10
March 2016 Xiaomi MiPad 2 7.9 Windows 10

New android tablets, already here…
In the android category of tablets already in the market are in the table below. As expected, android is giving windows a hot chase, but Windows is matching up the tempo with even more challenging products.

Date of release Make Model Screen size OS
February Acer Iconia One (B1-770) 7 Android 5.0
February Acer Iconia One 8 (B1-850) 8 Android 5.1
February Acer Iconia One 8 (B1-830) 8 Android 5.1
Acer Iconia One 8 (B1-820) 8 Android 5.0
February Asus ZenPad S 8.0 2 7.9 (8″) Android 6.0
February Asus ZenPad 7.0 (Z370) 7 Android 5.0
2016 Google/Huawei Nexus 7 (2016) 7 Android 6.1
2016 HP 10 G2 Tablet (2301) 10.1 Android 5.0
February (US) Huawei MediaPad M2 10 10.1 Android 5.1
February Lenovo TAB3 7 Basic 7 Android 5.0
February Lenovo Tab 2 A7-20 7 Android 5.0
February Lenovo Tab 2 A10-30 10.1 Android 5.1
2016 Motorola n/a n/a Android 5.0
2016 Neptune Suite 10.1 Android 5.0
February Nvidia Shield Tablet X1 8 Android 6.0
2016 Samsung Chopin LTE Android 5.1
February Samsung Galaxy Tab E 7.0 (SM-T280) 7 Android 6.0
February Samsung Tab E 8 (SM-T375) 8 Android 5.1
Q2 2016 Samsung Galaxy Tab E/5 10.1 10.1 Android 6.0
2016 Sanyo TAB-A02-SD 10.1 Android 5.0
2016 Sanyo TAB-A01-SD 10.1 Android 5.0
Q1 2016 Toshiba Excite AT10-C 10.1 Android 5.1

New Windows tablets, already here…
2016 witness releases of various windows tablets, competing favorably with its android counterpart. As the year progresses, we are waiting for market review to see how these tablets are performing according to market expectations in term of their productivity.

February Acer Aspire Switch 11 V 11.6 Windows 10
February Acer Aspire Switch 12 S (SW7-272) 12 Windows 10
February Dell Venue 8 Pro 8 Windows 10
February Dell Venue 10 Pro 10.1 Windows 10
February Dell Latitude 11 5000 10.8 Windows 10
February Dell Latitude 12 7000 12.5 Windows 10
February HP Elite x2 (1012) 12 Windows 10
February 7 HP HP Pavilion x2 12.1 Windows 10
February Lenovo Yoga Tablet 3 8 Windows 10
February Lenovo ThinkPad X1 12 Windows 10
February Lenovo X1 Tablet 12 Windows 10
2016 LG WPAD/LPAD 12 Windows 10
February Samsung Samsung Galaxy TabPro S (SM-W700) 12 Windows 10
2016 Toshiba Astrea 4K Windows 10

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The Best Mobile Games You Can Have Without In-App Purchases

The Best Mobile Games You Can Have Without In-App Purchases

Going “freemium” may be the best way to play on your Android and iOS devices or tablets, but there are still mobile games that are worth paying for up-front. As difficult as it is to recall, before, you had to pay for a game to play it. But since smartphones came along, there is also the increase of “freemium” games, where you play them for free and then has to pay to unlock more or speed things up. While in-app purchases are not always bad, it is definitely sometimes nice to just pay up-front and settle down to play. With this in mind, here are some of the best recent mobile games that are worth shelling out for, without any subsequent in-app purchases.  Learn how you can create your own iphone or ipad app or game in 4 weeks and get it in the app store with no programming skills.


  • Her Story


Though interactive video games have got an unfavorable reputation down the years with good reason, Her Story has seemed to have corrected it. This is a gripping thriller that lets you solve a crime by examining videotaped interviews with a prime suspect.


  • Prune


Growing trees was never this fun and fast before! Prune is a relaxing “grow them up” Android and iOS game that will have you swiping your vegetation full growth, while you indulge yourself in blissful music and visuals.


  • The Room Three


All of the 3 of The Room games that you can play originally on iPhone are well worth your bucks. It is a collection of physical puzzles that are set on a mysterious island. These are truly challenging puzzles that you should solve, while enjoying the stunning graphics.


  • This War of Mine


Though it is quite costly, this thought-provoking war game certainly sets the bar high for quality. This does not involve moving troops and tanks, but rather, you will be put in charge of civilians who are trying to survive in a war-torn city.


  • Spider: Rite of the Shrouded Moon


This is a fantastic sequel to Spider: The Secret of Bryce Manor, which will see you creeping around a haunted spider-like mansion, solving puzzles and trapping insects. The game is genuinely eerie with a lot to explore.


  • PewDiePie: Legend of the Brofist


This mobile game by YouTuber PewDiePie is indeed a premium affair. It is a well-crafted platform with lots of humor.


  • Octodad: Dadliest Catch


Imagine a father occasionally struggling with parenting, only that he is an octopus pretending to be human. This is the concept of this game, but it is more than just a tentacled gimmick—it is a challenging adventure!


  • Five Nights at Freddy’s 4


The mobile survival-horror series that is regarded as the best in its category has reached its final stage with Five Nights at Freddy’s 4. You can expect plenty of moments that would jump you out of your chair with horrific animatronic animals taking the battle to the home of your character.


  • Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons


This is an adventure game with a proper storyline and some exquisite graphics. It can even make virtual joysticks work well on the touchscreen.


There you have it—some of the best mobile games without in-app purchases. If you have not tried playing them, then maybe it is high time to do so.


For more about mobile games and mobiles apps, keep visiting our website.

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Who Play Mobile Games More – Men or Women?

Men and Women both love to play mobile games? But, have you ever wanted to know who plays mobile games more? Are women keener to play games or men? The very first guess that will flash in your mind is MEN. Am I right?

According to studies done by different mobile apps and games companies and analytics agencies, your guess is wrong. The truth is bit surprising for everyone because according to studies women play mobile games more than men.

If I take you through the percentage then you will either smile in disguise or pull your hair. Yes, it is going to happen with you because above 53% women play more mobile games and use mobile apps than men. A few years back this percentage was under 50 but now it is above 53%, and in coming years this ratio will increase with a manic speed. Soon, this ratio will be of 60:40.

Why Women Play Mobile Games More than Men?

It has always been believed that mobile games are the best pastime for boys and girls in adolescent age, but the studies have revealed the fact that the age of women who play games more fall in the age of 18 to 44. It means there is no relation of games as the favourite pastime for young adults only. Women of almost all ages are enjoying mobile games as their favourite pastime. Whenever they get time, they either play games on mobile phone or a mobile app like Facebook, WhatsApp, etc to be with their best pals.

What type of games women play more?

Facts about the type of games are again interesting. Whereas men love to play fast and furious games like bike racing, car racing, fighting, etc. women love to play social games and puzzle games. Some of the top names in the list include Candy Crush Saga (several versions are included), Puzzle solving picture games, Zynga’s FarmVille, and Popcap’s Plants. And, the favourite mobile apps of women include Facebook, Skype, and WhatsApp.

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Best New Mobile Games & Apps

With the technological revolution at an all-time high, there are a slew of new mobile games and apps that have recently come out that are sure to revolutionize life as a whole. The best new mobile games and apps are more advanced, more interactive, and much more unique than traditional mobile games and apps have been in the past. Here are 5 of the best new mobile games that have come out as of late and 3 of the best mobile apps …


  1. Badland 2 – The sequel to the best mobile game out there, Badland, Badland 2 is that and then some. You get to travel into different worlds with your trusty puffball. Be a good gamer and download this immediately!
  2. Snowboard Party 2 – With various modes and a way to connect your music straight from your phone, this game is the ultimate in fun and excitement. Grind a rail, do a flip, or just glide on down the mountain, it’s up to you!
  3. Subterfuge – If free is what you are looking for, then definitely download Subterfuge. A strategy game that will keep you busy for hours, this is a must-have for your mobile phone.
  4. Prune – An interactive puzzle game for all those that enjoy that type of thing. Prune gives you the ability to affect nature with the push of a button such as trimming trees and dodging wind. Very calming, yet highly addicting.
  5. Operation Dracula – Ensuring that you don’t look away for even a second, this mobile game is full of missiles, fire, and lasers. Now, what could be better than that?


A: Intel Security Battery Optimizer – Extend your battery and free up storage with this handy app. It also provides track data use and quick boost available options.


B: AireLive – For the ultimate in connecting with friends and family, this app provides users the opportunity to facechat, video message, video and photo sharing, and livestreaming.
C: Twenny – Have you ever wondered how busy somewhere is before going there? Well, I have, and I am sure many others have too. This app will tell you how big of a crowd to expect at a specific place, plain and simple.


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So what’s new? The Latest IOS & Android games and apps

Technology is evolving at the speed of light, and mobile phone users cannot afford to miss out on any updates. We put together some of the latest and greatest for both iOS and Android platforms, so read on to find out more: Interested in getting your apps developed and in the app store here is some info.
iOS: Whats New:
The latest version of iOS, 9.2.1 is now out and users are being invited to upgrade for better security and privacy protection. Devices are also reportedly performing faster after the upgrade. The upgrade is now available for the iPhone 4S and later devices, as well as devices following the iPad2, iPad mini, iPad Pro, and 5th generation iPod touch models. Preparations are also underway for the launch of the all new iPhone 7 later this year.
iOS Top Apps:
With new upgrades, social media apps including Facebook Messenger, Snapchat, Instagram, and Facebook apps are leading the downloads at iTunes. Other iOS favorites include:
– Pandora, the free music service, now comes with 3D touch shortcuts and can be directly accessed from the lock screen.
– Spotify also allows users to enjoy free music and build and share playlists with friends.
– Pinterest allows users to save images, creative ideas, and other interesting bits from the internet and organize it all in one place.
– TurboTax Tax lives up to its slogan of “Snap, Tap, Done”. A free edition is available to do all your taxes with ease.
– OfferUp is a new marketplace app that connects users with local buyers and sellers and gets ads published within 30 seconds.

iOS Top Games:
Simple and intuitive games are making a big comeback this year, with the top spots at iTunes going to:
– Color Switch
– Blocky Football
– Rolling Sky
– Candy Crush Jelly
– Stop (Word Game)

Android Apps:
Major updates to the Android world are expected in the upcoming Mobile World Congress. In the meantime, we bring you some of the top apps from Google Play Store:
– Keeping up with the trends at iTunes, the Android marketplace is also flooded with social media apps at the top including WhatsApp, Messenger, Facebook, and imo Video Call and Chat.
– UC Browser and UC Browser Mini are proving to be hits with Android users worldwide.
– Flash Keyboard; one of the most popular apps that gives you a more intuitive input interface is still leading the way.
– Zapya file sharing service allows you to send all types of files to individuals or groups.
– MX Player, the famous tried and tested media player remains a top choice for android users.
– Dailymotion app gives you the world’s most popular videos every day and allows easy sharing between multiple apps.

Android Games:
In the world of games, a whole bunch of newcomers are leading the Android world:
– Traffic Rider (free); an immersive motorcycle game with unbelievable levels of detail
– Subway Surfers
– 8 Ball Pool
– Temple Run 2
Clash of Clans, Teen Patti Gold, Clash of Kings, and Game of War remain the top grossing apps in the Android world at the moment.

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What Are the Best New Mobile Phones?

If you’re planning to upgrade your smartphone, you’re probably on the lookout for new mobile phones. Well, worry no more because we’ve done all the hard work for you and researched the latest and the greatest handsets in the market. Here are some of the makes and models that caught our eyes:
Samsung Galaxy S6
Samsung fans are waiting for the arrival of the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge but, until they arrive, the Galaxy S6 remains to be one of the best smartphones from Samsung and in the entire market. Its 5.1 inch screen is just the right size for many people, and it has a QHD display that lets you view clear, sharp, and beautiful images. The S6 is made of a mix of metal and glass and is one of the most chic and stylish units nowadays. So, if aesthetics are important for you, you won’t go wrong with choosing it.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+
If the Samsung Galaxy S6’s screen size doesn’t impress you, perhaps this phone will. The Galaxy S6 Edge+ comes with a 5.7 inch screen with a Super AMOLED display, making it ideal for watching movies and music videos. It also has impressive cameras (5MP on front and 16MP at the back), allowing you to take clear pictures and videos even without a lot of effort. If you’re concerned about security, the Galaxy S6 Edge+’s fingerprint sensor will allay your fears and make it difficult for other people to unlock your phone.

iPhone 6S Plus
There’s a reason why a lot of people have been talking the iPhone 6S Plus: it’s a great choice for Apple fans who want to get a bigger phone with all the fantastic new features. For one thing, it comes with a Full HD 3D touch screen, which facilitates a better UX interface and a more impressive movie watching experience. It also has a large 2750mAh battery, which means that you can listen to music, play games, or talk on the phone for hours without having to worry about draining your battery.

Want to have a fabulous smartphone without having to spend much? The LG G4 is the best option for you. One of the first things you’ll notice about it is the leather back, which gives it a cool and classy feel and makes it stand out from its glass and metal cousins. It comes with a 5.5 inch screen, a powerful 16MP back camera, and a removable 3,000mAh battery — all for a price that won’t break the bank.

Sony Xperia Z5
Many people love the Sony Xperia Z5 Premium but, if you’re not a fan of phablets, don’t worry since you can get the same features in the Sony Xperia Z5. With a 5.2 inch screen, it’s significantly smaller than the Premium and can easily fit into your hand. It also has a waterproof chassis, which means that it can definitely survive a dip in the toilet or a spin in the washing machine. It has an amazing 23MP back camera and a quick autofocus that lets you take pictures of moving objects without a fuss.
These are just some of the new mobile phones that you can choose from. Do your homework now to see which one is the right one for you!

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Five free latest mobile games

Talking mobile games always get me excited; and even more excited is the fact that there are loads of free games for you in 2016 than you can ever imagine, this is because more games are finding their ways into mobile devices than ever and lots of beta version to keep you busy.


Let me quickly introduce a few games for your playing delight. I know you won’t ever have a dull moment with these games, enjoy:


  1. Angry Birds

Angry Birds is an extraordinary iOS and Android game with a huge download. The Android version goes free, but not with the apple version. It is a game you will forever enjoy; it has over 3 million five star rating out of over four million downloads. If you feel like having your time filled with something great, angry birds will not make you angry.

Go here to download a copy for free if you are on android


  1. Flappy Golf

A part of the flappy family game you will like for real. If you have played flappy bird and then try flappy golf, you will agree with me there is a clear difference between this game and all other games from the flappy developer. The game is funny to be candid, but it’s as well fast and challenging. You may not like the intrusive adverts, but don’t worry it won’t spoil the fun. You can download here free on Android.


  1. Cally’s Caves 3

If you want to play this game, better be prepared for some rescue operations because kidnappers are always on the lookout for Cally’s parents to take hostage. You will enjoy the speed, the leaping, shooting and stabbing of bad guys. You will notice some differences in the iOS and Android version. The game gives you lots to learn; the more you know about playing the game, the more you will come to like it. Download it here free if you are on Android.


  1. Rayman Adventures:

If you need something more challenging, not a walkover game, I recommend this. There are many levels to cross, and you need to know what precisely you have to do to survive. If you love adventure, go for it. You won’t find it boring; except for several defeats you would suffer until you get your timing right. It’s a free to play Game on Android, and you can get it here.


  1. Dark Sword:

I love this game. It’s a trap dungeon, which without the skill to navigate the terrible dungeon, you risk not coming out alive and that means you will not be able to complete your game on several occasion. The interesting thing is there are traps in places you will never have imagined. So, open your eyes wide open to avoid traps. The game has an Android version and comes free, although the promoter of the game needs your help to maintain the site. Go here to get the game.



Mobile games apps are growing in momentum and relevance, keeping you engaged in your free time. As the year 2016 moves gradually to the end, we expect more releases of the free version to the gaming public.


Make it a date checking this website for more exciting free mobile games for your playing pleasure.

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