All You Need to Know about Jailbreaking the Amazon Fire Stick

Getting an Amazon Fire Stick is one of the best ways to improve your TV watching experience and have access to high-quality content like movies, TV shows, sports events, and Pay-Per-View programs. But did you know that you can have your Amazon Fire Stick jailbroken? By taking this step, you can open up your device and use it to go beyond Amazon’s garden, explore other content sources, and enjoy even more apps and services.

What is the Amazon Fire Stick?

Before having your Amazon Fire Stick unlocked, you should first know what you’re buying. Basically, the Fire Stick is an HDMI stick that’s based on Amazon’s Fire OS and is a low-cost but still-powerful version of the Amazon Fire TV set-top box. It comes with a dual-core processor and has a 1GB memory and 8GB storage capacity. Just plug it into your TV’s HDMI port, connect it to a USB port in your TV or to a wall outlet for power, and hook it up to the internet, and you’re good to go.


The Amazon Fire Stick gives you access to a wide range of content providers including Netflix, Spotify, BBC iPlayer, and Sky News as well as Amazon Prime Instant Video if you’re a Prime member. You can even play casual games on it, although games that are heavy on graphics aren’t available. Since it is highly portable, you can take the Fire Stick anywhere you go and enjoy your favorite movies and TV shows in hotels, dorms, and other places that have HDTVs.


How can you jailbreak it?

The Amazon Fire Stick is one of the best technological innovations out there, but the fact remains that it limits you to the content that Amazon allows you to enjoy. So, if you want to have full control over what you watch, you need to have your Amazon Fire Stick unlocked.


One of the best ways do this is to install Kodi in your Fire Stick. Kodi is free open-source software that lets you enjoy services that aren’t offered by the Fire Stick, including movies and live TV programs that normally require cable TV to watch. It also gives you access to add-ons that are created by the Kodi community and let you access music and videos.


Don’t worry since installing Kodi is easy. Just download the latest version of the Kodi software from their website then use the Android SDK or adbFire (which has a version for Windows and Mac) to install Kodi into your Fire Stick.


Is it legal?

The short answer: Yes, it’s legal. Kodi is a media player and not a media provider. It doesn’t produce its own content; rather, it plays or shows your existing content (like photos and music playlists) and gives you access to third-party online service providers. According to its website, Kodi doesn’t support bootleg videos and other types of pirated content, which means it’s entirely legal to install and use.

Having an Amazon Fire Stick is great, but having an unlocked Fire Stick is even better. Get your Amazon Fire Stick jailbroken now and enjoy access to millions of high-quality content.




Fire TV Stick digital HD media streamer. Box was only opened to install and load apps.

Includes power cable, fire tv, remote (batteries included) and manual.

Latest version of Kodi 15.2 installed formally (XBMC ). I use 15.2 as it is the most stable now.

Updated to the latest version of KODI

Popular add-ons enabled such as Navi-X, 1Channel, Icefilms, Genesis, and much more.


An unlocked Amazon Fire TV Stick has almost every movie and TV show ever made available.  No need for downloading and/or watching ads – everything is streamed and ad-free.  You can find and watch almost any movie or TV show minutes after it is aired by its network.  3D movies and HD also available.
What is needed?

Internet connection (wired or wireless), HDMI cable for optimum resolution, and a valid Amazon account.

These add-ons are open-sourced and created by third party developers, who work on these as their hobbies. Some are constantly being worked on and some are not. So you may encounter intermittent in their functionality. In addition, this streaming device depends greatly on the availability of the video sources. So I am not responsible for any changes to add-on functionality or video sources.

Popular ADD-ONS (channels) are already installed.

All content is up to date and set up to update automatically without any hassle.

All content is streamed to your TV (nothing you watch is downloaded).

Device features a dual core processor which allows for fast and smooth content streaming and playback.

You need to have an Amazon account for the stick to work. If you do not already have one, it is a simple registration and is free of charge.

This item is not “rooted” – the apps are all side loaded.



I will also send a simple guide to teach you the basics on how to navigate to launch the apps.

Important Information:

Not all add-ons will work all the time. Add-ons will occasionally go down for repair or updates and they sometimes can take weeks to come back up.

I do not guarantee any apps, add-ons or content. This is not a TV service company. I am advertising the content which are available through the add-ons. If you agree with these terms, please purchase!

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Best Technology Stocks 2016

Investing in stocks always gives one a high. We have all seen the riches it can bring in various movies and sitcoms.


                                           The Wolf of Wall Street: Movie Still


In the various domains that Stock broking enthusiasts invest in, there are Technology Stocks. Here is a look at some tech stocks that hold strong Financial Quarter after Quarter.


Cisco Systems

Cisco’s doggedness towards driving a balanced study of growth through a blend of organic investments, consistent acquisitions, and profit-driven partnership resonate well with long-term investors. A good tech stock to invest in and watch out for.



With a Market Cap of $14 billion, this leading force in the Information Technology/Electronic Equipment, Instruments & Components industry has a risk-adjusted total return prospect over a 12-month investment horizon.

The company exhibits strength in various areas such as revenue growth, growth in earnings per share, increase in net income, notable return on equity and consistent cash flow from operations.



This humongous of an organization with one of the largest workforces in the world and a market cap of $64.7 billion. It’s a big tech stock that has been celebrated time and again in the stock market. Banking majorly on state of art Technology services, they are the backbone of the technology market.

With revenues higher than industry averages, and consistent revenue growth, a revered and widely known tech-stock.


Cognizant Technology

Several positive factors work in Cognizant’ favor for it to be hosted here. There is a robust revenue growth quarter by quarter, largely solid financial position with reasonable debt levels, growth in earnings per share and good cash flow from operations. A good bet to win big.



We have seen printers and HP Desktops from the days Personal computing was a new phenomenon to now. The $18.9 billion dollar valuation client has exceeded market expectations when it comes to Information Technology/Technology Hardware, Storage & Peripherals.

With risk-adjusted total return prospects and the company’s strengths in multiple areas, they outweigh the doubts placed on them by the market. Thought the company’s return on equity sometimes changes, the largely stable financial position changes things. A tech stock to definitely watch out for in the quarters to come.
There are of course a lot of Web-driven companies that have gone public and are attractive tech stocks. Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter are some of the safe bets in the Tech stock ecosystem.


These are some good technology stocks we studied and found worth a mention. We encourage you to access your investment agendas and study the market before you go investing or suggesting stock purchases.

Share this post with friends and loved ones over various social networks. Technology enthusiasts all over the world would be really interested in knowing how their favorite domain is doing in the world of money.


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How to create mobile apps without Coding

So you are enthused and exciting about this App idea you have that can change the world. Now, you can’t wait to show it to the world.
But, there is a roadblock, you don’t know coding. And, you don’t have the time to go through blogs and blogs and tutorial after tutorial to learn coding.
We got you covered, the Web and its related technologies have progressed much. Here is a look at some sources where you can star like in the next one hour and be on your way to creating a mobile application. In addition to the information below here is the #1 coaching program on how to create mobile apps and make money without coding here.

MIT App Inventor 2
Massachusetts Institute of Technology is an educational institution of repute and has always inspired the tech world. They have posted Online, a free App creator that is as simple as playing building blocks, literally. It is a combination of visual blocks that you can drag and drop to create your application. You can click on a block to define its behavior. If you know a little bit of coding, come on, you are creating a mobile application, you can’t shy away from that bit. Then, you can double-click on a block and code its behavior as well. Click here, trust us, you are maybe a weekend away from at least having a good design to start with.

Appy Pie
It is fun and enjoyable just like eating an Apple Pie. I guess, that is why they named it like that. Helping you build mobile applications without learning coding, log on to the Website AppyPie as a first step. Create an account, select a category, build your app, and publish. Yes, done. It is that simple, check out the Website now and start firing away. Appy Pie helps you to add pages to your app, style your app and change the app navigation.

Design is at the heart of a good user experience and a good user experience is half the battle won. We believe that is a winning combination for a successful app. Nativ lets you start your journey with a free account. From there, you can start by simply choosing a template for your App. After that it guides you to develop a design and add features to that design.

Building an App is a great deal of effort. And, afterwards, getting it published is a tough ask. Post-publishing, managing the whole app business can be a daunting task for a newbie. Buildfire address these problems for a beginner by breaking it in stages. Choose a template from the impressive selection of available templates. Build your App in minutes by using features available and all this without having written a single line of code. Then comes the power of Buildfire, it helps you publish the Application and manage updates after that easily. Check out their Website for more information.

We hope the resources above caught your fancy and soon after reading this article, you will get down to building your dream app. If you liked this article, leave a comment and share socially amongst your friends and peers to inspire them to a start!

Learn how to build a mobile android apps and apple Ios apps business click here!


Created 2016 by Good2go Technology

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How Can You Get into the Mobile App Development Industry?

Like many people, you most likely own a smartphone and/or a tablet and use mobile apps on your device. But have you thought about making these apps? If you haven’t, it’s time to start thinking about it: the mobile app development industry has become big and is bound to get even bigger as years go by. In fact, experts have even predicted that there would be around 268 billion downloads by 2017, which will lead to a revenue of around $77 billion. So, if you’re looking for a great job or are thinking of switching careers, becoming an app developer is one of the best options for you.  Learn how to build mobile android apps and apple Ios apps business click here!

If you decide to push through with this career move, the next thing you should do is to figure out how to be a mobile app developer. You can start by taking these steps:
Learn how to code
If you don’t yet know how to code, it’s time to start learning. You can gain the right knowledge and skills by choosing one of these options:

1. Going the DIY way
If you love learning new things on your own and don’t need lots of motivation to study, you can teach yourself how to code. There are many resources that can help you; Apple, for instance, lets you sign up as an iOS developer and, when you do, gives you access to their programming tools. You can then read books that teach iOS programming and, once you learn the basics, experiment with the tools to get the hang of using them when creating mobile apps.

2. Enrolling in online courses
Many online universities now offer courses in mobile app development, so the only thing you should do is to sign up for one. The best part about studying online is that you can listen to lectures and read notes and books at your own time and pace, and you won’t even have to worry about asking questions since you can reach your professors through chat or email.

3. Getting a bachelor’s degree
If you have the time and resources, why not enroll in a bachelor’s degree program for computer science or software development? By doing this, you’ll gain all the required skills and knowledge, learn from excellent professors, and interact with like-minded people. Since you’ll have an extensive background on programming languages and other concepts, you can make not just apps but also pretty much any kind of digital product.

Practice your skills
If you want to improve your mobile app development skills, sharpen them as often as you can. Spend your free time making your own Android and iOS apps, testing them for bugs, and seeing how you can improve your creations to make them look professional and attractive. Don’t forget to explore other platforms like Symbian, Windows, and Blackberry; they may not be as popular as Android and iOS, but becoming familiar with them won’t hurt.

Apply for internships
Look for mobile app companies who offer internships to those who are still starting out. You can’t expect to work on large projects right away — in fact, you might be stuck doing menial tasks — but you’ll at least become familiar with the working environment and have an idea of what it would be like when you become employed later on.
These are just some of the things that you must do to become a developer. Take these steps now and be closer to entering the mobile app development industry!

#1 coaching program on how to create mobile apps and make money without coding here.

Created 2016 by Good2go Technology

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Apple issues iOS 10 beta 2 for developers

Coutesey of

Apple released the first beta version of iOS 10 for developers to test last month at WWDC 2016. The public beta version won’t be ready until later in July and the release version is due out this fall, but registered developers can update to iOS 10 beta 2 starting today.

If you’re already testing iOS 10 beta on your iPhone or iPad, head to the Software Update section of the Settings app to find the OTA update.

iOS 10 includes loads of new features and changes including redesigned Music and News apps, the first Home app for HomeKit, a redesigned Lock screen and Home screen experience for widgets, tons of iMessage features in Messages, and much more. Apple tends to tweak major software updates during the beta period, too, so we’ll update with any notable changes.

Catch up on our full coverage with our iOS 10 guide. We’ll dig through the latest iOS 10 beta and update with notable changes. As always, shout in the comments, mention us on @9to5mac, or email with changes you discover as well.

Here’s the update screen (not much to see yet):

iOS 10 beta 2

And here’s everything new so far:

  • Tweaked HomeKit iconography in Control Center
  • Notification Center ‘Missed’ becomes ‘Recent’
  • Today view for widgets in Notification Center can once again be accessed with swipe down from Home screen, not just within apps
  • Iconography for Apple TV and speakers tweaked in AirPlay settings in Control Center
  • HomeKit app icon updated from solid yellow to Home app icon in Settings
  • Apple Music replaces ‘Downloaded Music’ with ‘Downloads’, no longer removable
  • Maps now includes option for ‘Show Parked Location’ plus feature explanation in Settings
  • Messages now has Low Quality Image Mode toggle in Settings
  • Mail has new filter icon (was previously a filter, now lines within a circle
  • Notification Center now has Weather Channel credit once again
  • Control Center 3D Touch options have tweaked language, icons
  • New Organ Donation changes available in Health app
  • Music now has Shuffle option from Songs section (previously had to play a song before shuffling)
  • ‘Rest Finger to Unlock’ option in Accessibility Settings
  • Lock screen adds ‘Unlocked’ animation in status bar when unlocked, previously just removed lock icon
  • App Store now works with Split View on supported iPads
  • iMessage App Store introduced over the weekend now promoted with splash screen
  • Feedback app available for more users
  • 3D Touching folders with badges now shows badges per apps, previously said ‘Unread’ per app
  • Interactive notifications now work differently on non-3D Touch devices (swipe down versus slide over to access options)
  • Subtle new Siri animation (Home screen minimizes in background)
  • Connect Posts now appears below For You content on For You tab, Connect tab appears when you disable Apple Music, new banner promoting sign ups
  • Apple News is now a “removable” app (holding out hope for Photo Booth)
  • Keyboard click sound has reverted to classic version, iOS 10 beta 1 included updated sound
  • New ‘Featured Complications’ section in Apple Watch app
  • AirPlay/Bluetooth headphones and speakers now appear from Now Playing screen in Music
  • Autofill sync option for Music to Apple Watch (Smart and Random options)
  • Background App Refresh toggles for Apple Watch
  • Use Previous Duration option in Breathe app settings for Apple Watch
  • New CarPlay button to skip directly to a message

From the official release notes:

  • In Library, you can now view and manage a list of all active downloads.
  • Posts from artists you follow now appear under Connect Posts within For You.
  • You can now sign in to Apple Music on Sonos.
  • Music videos can now be played fullscreen.
  • Related music suggestions now appear in album pages.

Certain Apple Music features will become available in a future beta:

  • For You Mixes
  • Viewing Connect posts on an artist’s or curator’s page
  • Follow and unfollow option on an artist or curator’s page
  • Report a concern on Connect posts or comments
  • Delete a comment you made on Connect posts
  • Account page to view all artists you follow
  • Setting to turn on or turn off the Automatically Follow Artists preference
  • Show Complete Album for Library items
  • Display of works and movements for classical music
  • Popularity indicators for albums

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Urban Trivia Challenge (Download Free Android & IOS)

Urban Trivia Challenge

Please click on the below Apple or Google icon and download for free.

utc logoandroidFINAL iosutc logoFINAL


Urban Trivia Challenge the 1st urban trivia game that gives you a chance to win $100 every month. Also random prizes will be given out to consecutive top performers of the game throughout the year.  Prizes ranging from #retrojordans #yeezys #redbottoms #Handbags and more.

Each month, a new set of 100 questions is released on Urban Trivia Challenge; consisting of trivia on your favorite urban entertainers, actors, singers, athletes, words, phrases, and more.

The top scores on the scoreboard after each month win $100! Winners and prizes will be posted on IG follow Ray @good2gopublishing

Next Winners will be announced June 1st and a new set of 100 questions will be added. Check the score board to see if you’re in the winners group. Good Luck!

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SAMSUNG GALAXY S7 Available March 11th


  • 5.1-inch, quad-HD display
  • 3,000mAh battery
  • 12MP camera
  • Fast and wireless charging
  • microSD
  • Android 6.0 Marshmallow
  • 4GB RAM
  • Manufacturer: Samsung
  • Review Price: to be confirmed


The best way to describe the Samsung Galaxy S7 is to say it’s very similar to one of Apple’s iPhone “S” releases. On first glance, you’d be hard-pressed to tell the Galaxy S7 and S6 apart, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t a lot to get excited about. The S7 isn’t quite as eye-catching as the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, however.

Watch our Samsung Galaxy S7 hands-on video


1) Display: The S7 has a beautiful, crisp and vibrant 5.1-inch Super AMOLED quad-HD display. It’s always on too, so notifications, calendar appointments and the time always show up

2) Returning features: The microSD slot is back, and it’s waterproof just like the S5. Well, down to 1m for 30 minutes

3) Plenty of performance: It will be powered by either a Snapdragon 820 or Exynos processor depending on your region, along with 4GB RAM

4) An improved camera: 12-megapixel rear-facing sensor with 95% brighter photos than the S6. Plus a f1.7 aperture and super-fast autofocus

5) A bigger battery: Fast adaptive charging and fast wireless charging. 3,000mAh battery that should be a massive improvement over the Galaxy S6


When is the Samsung Galaxy S7 release date? Samsung says the S7 will go on sale on 11 March.

How much will the Samsung Galaxy S7 cost? Samsung has yet to announce pricing for the S7.

What colors will the Samsung Galaxy S7 be available in? The Samsung Galaxy S7 will be available in black, gold and silver.


Refinement is key with the Samsung Galaxy S7. Last year’s Galaxy S6 was a huge departure in a number of areas. Samsung had ditched the cheap-feeling plastic and faux-material backs of previous Galaxy models and replaced them with swathes of metal and glass. The resulting Galaxy S6 was a stunner, which is why I’m pleased to see the S7 follows suit.

A slight curvature to the rear, reminiscent of the Galaxy Note 5, makes a huge difference to how comfortable the phone is to hold. While the Galaxy S6 was tough to grip for long periods, the S7 slides easily into your palm. Samsung has also managed to ditch the protruding camera. The sensor now sits flush with the glass, so the phone won’t rock on the table when you try to knock out an email at your desk.

The microSD card’s return is proof of this. The S6 ditched the microSD slot to much uproar. The slot sits inside the nano-SIM tray, so doesn’t add any unsightly lines to the side of the phone. Interestingly, Samsung has decided not to support Marshmallow’s Flex Storage feature, so you won’t be able to combine internal and expandable storage together.

Another Galaxy feature of old making a return here is waterproofing. Thanks to its IP68 rating, you can dunk the Galaxy S7 into water up to 1m deep for 30 minutes. Not having to worry about your phone getting wet in the rain or that accidental drop into a cup of water is always reassuring.

Sure to spark a debate among those who believe higher is better is Samsung’s decision to reduce the camera sensor from a 16-megapixel version to a 12-megapixel one. Now, megapixels aren’t everything, but even I was initially sceptical about this move, since even a year on, the Galaxy S6 has arguably the best camera on any Android phone.

It looks to be a good move, however. The aperture has been improved to f/1.7 and Samsung claims you’ll achieve 95% brighter photos as a result. While it wasn’t specifically mentioned, it appears that Samsung is using the Britecell technology it demoed last year. The tech reduces the sensor’s size, hence the lack of bump, while improving low-light performance.

During the demo Samsung showed off improved auto-focus, which is ridiculously fast. The resulting images were noticeably clearer than those produced by the S6. If Samsung really has managed to cram an even better sensor into a smaller shell than before, then I’ll be very impressed. But you’ll have to wait for the full review for the final judgement.

Around the front of the phone is a 5-megapixel sensor, which doesn’t seem to be much altered from last time around.

My biggest criticism of the Galaxy S6 was the awful battery life. The 2,550mAh cell was barely capable of making it through the day, and devoured juice when streaming video and music. Hopefully, that won’t be a problem this time round.


The Galaxy S7 has a much beefier 3,000mAh cell, which should make it through the day without any issues. It remains non-removable, but retains adaptive fast charging and fast wireless charging.

While the 5.1-inch screen is technically the same as before – that’s a quad-HD resolution and Super AMOLED – it seems a tad more vibrant when compared to the S6. It really is stunning: colours are beautifully represented, viewing angles are fantastic, and it’s so beautiful to look at that I had to pull myself away from it. Best smartphone screen again? Probably.

A nifty new addition to the display is Always On. You know those times when you’ve pulled out your phone to check on the time or on any notifications and you’ve had to flick the device on to see them? Not anymore. A portion of the Galaxy S7’s display is always on, constantly showing the time, maybe your calendar and a glance at your notifications.

Samsung claims this eats through an extra 1% of battery every hour, which in my opinion is acceptable. Will it save you more battery in the long-run since you won’t be lighting up the screen every few minutes? I’d say so, but I’ll definitely test this further when the review unit arrives before offering my final verdict.

As you’d expect, Samsung has beefed up performance on the S7. There’s an extra 1GB of RAM, taking it up to 4GB, plus a new processor Depending on your region, you’ll get a Snapdragon 820 – which marks a return to Qualcomm for Samsung – or one of the company’s own Exynos chips. The difference between the two should be minimal, and I was told to expect 64% more GPU and 30% more CPU performance from both.

Whichever chipset you end up with, performance shouldn’t be an issue. I opened up plenty of apps without any stuttering, and with this much power on tap gaming should be handled with ease. Samsung’s UI used to cause some stuttering, but again this looks to have been dealt with.

Speaking of the UI, it’s still TouchWiz. I’m not the biggest fan of Samsung’s slightly child-like custom interface, but it’s nowhere near as bad as it used to be. Yes, the icons are still ugly, but it’s much lighter and less in your face than previous versions – and it’s built upon Android Marshmallow. There’s even a new Game Launcher feature that lets you halt all notifications and record your gameplay while you’re playing Clash of Clans on the bus.


The only thing really missing from the Galaxy S7 is a surprise. It’s like a greatest hits of Samsung’s flagship phones, culminating the bits that everyone liked and adding them to the lovely design that came last year.

Expandable storage, a bigger battery, no protruding camera and an easier-to-hold design were my biggest requests after using the S6 – and they’re all here. Yes, the S7 doesn’t rewrite the smartphone rulebook, but when it looks to be this good I don’t think it needs to.


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Best New Software 2016 – Mac and PC

A good and bug-free software helps you carry your day to day computing tasks better and efficiently. 2016 has seen some exciting new developments in this space for both Macintosh (Mac) and Personal Computer (PC) users.

Let us have a look at the new Software on horizon that are useful and eying to help make the computing world better.


Microsoft Office 2016 (For Mac)

After a long wait of 5 years, it is here on Mac. Revered as the most productive application for office work, the new Microsoft Office works smoothly into OS X than ever. There is cloud support for easier backup and a stable free version to try before going for a purchase.


Bit Defender Total Security 2016

Our list would be incomplete if we are not protective and inform about this brilliant antivirus on the horizon. This Software integrates every security feature and still manages to give you the freedom to work freely without bothering notifications and updates. Full marks for not being obtrusive like the many antivirus and firewalls constantly craving for attention. Excellent against antimalware, antispam, and antiphishing tests.


IDrive Online Backup services

There are constant upgrades and spam attacks and negligent practices that often lead to data loss. There are a lot of Online Backup services that help us take backup of data. IDrive came up forward in the war of Online Backup and maintains a lead in the same space this year as well.

IDrive is a versatile and fully-featured service. Easier to setup, you can sync unlimited devices in one account. With a Continuous backup option there is no chance of data loss.


Fantastical 2 – Calendar and Reminders

You missed that important meeting again! Or calling that Sales lead who said they would want to talk next month.

Fantastical 2 solves that problem for Mac users. You can create new events, toggle calendar options, setup reminders and synchronize over multiple shared calendars. Download and try this new offering in the world of Apple. With a full time, zone support including floating time zones, managing calendars while travel is a breeze.



You take photos. Well, we all do. And we take tones of them these days. Earlier people would just click from their phones, camera, and other devices and hit upload. Now, there are social networks and our photos are judged (Red-eye effect looks so old to have in your photos). So, Apple enthusiasts came up with a full-featured and powerful image editing app, it is called Pixelmator.

Pixelmator lets you enhance and touch up photos, sketch, draw and paint, add text and shapes and a plethora of other tasks. A must for you Mac.


Although we have listed a few software above, we are happy to let the geek in you cut loose and find out more such software.

Share this post with friends and loved ones over various social networks. Computing is universal and you never know who is looking for friendly advice on which Software applications to try.


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How Can You Make Money Using Instagram?

Like many people, you may love using Instagram to share pictures of your friends, family, and pets as well as your favorite outfits, shoes, books, coffee shops, and other things. But did you know that you can also use this social networking site to create another income stream and earn some cash? That’s right: making money on Instagram is now one of the latest trends and has enabled many people to earn substantial amounts just by being active on this platform. Learn how you can make over $750 every week on Instagram click here.


But here’s the thing: becoming a money-earning Instagrammer isn’t a walk in the park. Before you can become one, you should first work on your account and ensure it’s geared for success. Edit your bio to make sure it’s concise but creative and contains keywords that make it easier for people to find you. Post high-quality and eye-catching photos on a regular basis (and with the right hashtags!) and engage your followers in friendly conversations.


Once you’ve taken these steps, you can now:



Sell your Instagram pictures

If you’re an amateur or a professional photographer, you can use Instagram to attract clients and get projects. Simply choose your best photos, create unique captions, post them with relevant hashtags, and interact with the people who like or comment on your pictures. By doing these, you’ll increase your chances of grabbing the attention of photography agencies and encouraging them to hire you.


If you want to earn now and can’t wait for clients to find you, you can go out and put your photos on sale. Using platforms like Foap and Twenty20, you can sell your pictures to brands who need unique images and earn money from them.


Sell your own products and services

Do you own a small or medium-sized business? If you do, you can definitely use Instagram to promote your own products and/or solutions and make people aware of what you have to offer. It’s a great way to advertise your business without having to pay thousands of bucks.


Sell products and services of other companies

If you don’t have your own products or services, you can sell those that are offered by other companies. Many businesses nowadays give commissions to Instagrammers who promote their merchandise and generate sales; the only thing you should do is to post pictures that highlight their brand and encourage your followers to buy their goods and solutions. Before doing this, though, make sure to choose products or services that you like and use on a regular basis. If you don’t really love putting on makeup, for instance, promoting cosmetics and beauty products can be a difficult thing to do.


Become a brand ambassador

This can work only if you’re a social media influencer; i.e. you have thousands of followers (ideally between 5,000 to 10,000) and can generate numerous likes and comments minutes after posting a photo. If you’re lucky, certain brands may already have noticed you and are offering you deals to be their brand ambassador. If you haven’t received any sponsorship deals yet, you can take it upon yourself to reach out to companies and offer to promote their products and services. Don’t hesitate to make an offer; there’s always the chance that the brands you’re reaching out to are looking for social media influencers and will be glad to work with you.



Making money on Instagram requires hard work but, if you’re willing to invest the time and effort, you can create a lucrative income stream and earn a decent amount. Learn how you can make over $750 every week on Instagram click here.

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Best New Headphones

Its 11 pm. You have had a long day and you want to shut the whole word out. It is just going to be Adele and you when she sings “Hello from the other side”.  A good pair of headphones shuts out the noise of the world and connects you to your music. Not just music, your whole world of entertainment expands. Movies, audiobooks, tutorials, gaming, everything is a revelation when you are connected to with an awesome pair of headphones.


Headphones – A Musical World


Let us look at some of the top notch headphones doing the rounds in the market.


Sony MDR-1A

Sony MDR-1A is a lightweight, comfortable full-size headphone. It offers excellent sound quality. If you are one who is delighted by the technical intensity of a review, then the MDR-1A’s have a better definition from the bass through the midrange to the treble. A unique comfort factor this headphone has is that it sits on the neck correctly with the ear cups rotating in the proper direction.

When you by this headphone you get a nice carrying pouch and a set of cables, one of them has a snazzy in-line remote. Go Showoff!


Sennheiser Momentum 2.0

This is an expensive pair of headphones. Does not include cables for iOS and Android. There, we started with a slightly con of the headphone. But, if you look closely this pair has a spacious and softer ear cups, making it a comfortable headphone. For longer hours listening, comfort is a factor. Offers excellent sound, high-end build quality, and a new folding design.            This headphone sounds a bit better than the competition. Check it out.

Beats Studio Wireless Headphones

Comfort. That is what Beats Studio Wireless stands tall on. The headphones are easy to carry and fold into a more compact factor with a decent 12 hour of wireless listening. Active noise cancellation supports this Bluetooth headphone in its race to be the best music companion to your ears. Comes in 6 attractive colors – White, blue, red, titanium, and black (matte or glossy). Attractive, easy to carry, and longer duration of playing. We guess, this pair of headphones has certainly run a long mile to impress us.


Beyerdynamic T51i

Again on the slightly expensive side and with a headphone cord that is not detachable. The remote may sometimes not function with Windows and Android smartphones. The built is sturdy and offers a comfortable fit along with excellent sound. There is a three-button inline remote and microphone designed to work seamlessly with Apple’s smartphones and tablets.


JBL Synchros E40BT

If you are on a budget and you do not want to compromise on quality then Synchros E40Bt, JBL is your best bet. The ear cups are covered with silky leather to make your ears comfortable. Is available in good shaded of colors, for travel and portability can be folded. Has some techno features like volume adjust, skip tracks, and managing calls. Superior sound quality comes alive with a good bass.


These are some good headphones we discovered and saw, you can always research more. Watch out this space for more such interesting updates.

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