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Best New Headphones

Its 11 pm. You have had a long day and you want to shut the whole word out. It is just going to be Adele and you when she sings “Hello from the other side”.  A good pair of headphones shuts out the noise of the world and connects you to your music. Not just music, your whole world of entertainment expands. Movies, audiobooks, tutorials, gaming, everything is a revelation when you are connected to with an awesome pair of headphones.


Headphones – A Musical World


Let us look at some of the top notch headphones doing the rounds in the market.


Sony MDR-1A

Sony MDR-1A is a lightweight, comfortable full-size headphone. It offers excellent sound quality. If you are one who is delighted by the technical intensity of a review, then the MDR-1A’s have a better definition from the bass through the midrange to the treble. A unique comfort factor this headphone has is that it sits on the neck correctly with the ear cups rotating in the proper direction.

When you by this headphone you get a nice carrying pouch and a set of cables, one of them has a snazzy in-line remote. Go Showoff!


Sennheiser Momentum 2.0

This is an expensive pair of headphones. Does not include cables for iOS and Android. There, we started with a slightly con of the headphone. But, if you look closely this pair has a spacious and softer ear cups, making it a comfortable headphone. For longer hours listening, comfort is a factor. Offers excellent sound, high-end build quality, and a new folding design.            This headphone sounds a bit better than the competition. Check it out.

Beats Studio Wireless Headphones

Comfort. That is what Beats Studio Wireless stands tall on. The headphones are easy to carry and fold into a more compact factor with a decent 12 hour of wireless listening. Active noise cancellation supports this Bluetooth headphone in its race to be the best music companion to your ears. Comes in 6 attractive colors – White, blue, red, titanium, and black (matte or glossy). Attractive, easy to carry, and longer duration of playing. We guess, this pair of headphones has certainly run a long mile to impress us.


Beyerdynamic T51i

Again on the slightly expensive side and with a headphone cord that is not detachable. The remote may sometimes not function with Windows and Android smartphones. The built is sturdy and offers a comfortable fit along with excellent sound. There is a three-button inline remote and microphone designed to work seamlessly with Apple’s smartphones and tablets.


JBL Synchros E40BT

If you are on a budget and you do not want to compromise on quality then Synchros E40Bt, JBL is your best bet. The ear cups are covered with silky leather to make your ears comfortable. Is available in good shaded of colors, for travel and portability can be folded. Has some techno features like volume adjust, skip tracks, and managing calls. Superior sound quality comes alive with a good bass.


These are some good headphones we discovered and saw, you can always research more. Watch out this space for more such interesting updates.

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