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Best New Mobile Games & Apps

With the technological revolution at an all-time high, there are a slew of new mobile games and apps that have recently come out that are sure to revolutionize life as a whole. The best new mobile games and apps are more advanced, more interactive, and much more unique than traditional mobile games and apps have been in the past. Here are 5 of the best new mobile games that have come out as of late and 3 of the best mobile apps …


  1. Badland 2 – The sequel to the best mobile game out there, Badland, Badland 2 is that and then some. You get to travel into different worlds with your trusty puffball. Be a good gamer and download this immediately!
  2. Snowboard Party 2 – With various modes and a way to connect your music straight from your phone, this game is the ultimate in fun and excitement. Grind a rail, do a flip, or just glide on down the mountain, it’s up to you!
  3. Subterfuge – If free is what you are looking for, then definitely download Subterfuge. A strategy game that will keep you busy for hours, this is a must-have for your mobile phone.
  4. Prune – An interactive puzzle game for all those that enjoy that type of thing. Prune gives you the ability to affect nature with the push of a button such as trimming trees and dodging wind. Very calming, yet highly addicting.
  5. Operation Dracula – Ensuring that you don’t look away for even a second, this mobile game is full of missiles, fire, and lasers. Now, what could be better than that?


A: Intel Security Battery Optimizer – Extend your battery and free up storage with this handy app. It also provides track data use and quick boost available options.


B: AireLive – For the ultimate in connecting with friends and family, this app provides users the opportunity to facechat, video message, video and photo sharing, and livestreaming.
C: Twenny – Have you ever wondered how busy somewhere is before going there? Well, I have, and I am sure many others have too. This app will tell you how big of a crowd to expect at a specific place, plain and simple.


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